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[animal crossing pattern]Animal Crossing: Best Umbrella Perspective Designs For Optical Illusions

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  Animal Crossing players are making neat optical illusions by customizing umbrellas in New Horizons. Here’s some unique designs you haven’t seen yet.

  By Alexandria Turney

  Published Mar 24, 2021


  Animal Crossing Perspective Umbrella Custom Designs

  Fans of?Animal Crossing: New Horizons?now have a new creative outlet for sharing custom designs. The recent March 18th update introduced the Custom Design Pro Editor + feature to New Horizons,?which allows players to make their own patterns for variety goods such as the face-cutout standee, the Uchiwa Fan, and umbrellas. By placing Animal Crossing’s umbrellas?at a certain angle,?New Horizons players are creating neat cubic optical illusions to further enhance their islands.

  In addition to being able to customize these new?Animal Crossing items, players are also receiving 50 more custom design slots both for the regular and Pro Design tabs – something fans had been asking for only weeks after New Horizons’ initial March 2020 release. Users with a Nintendo Online Membership can also now access the Custom Designs Portal via the Nookphone by redeeming Nook Miles at the kiosk in Resident Services. This and more is all in honor of?New Horizons’?one year anniversary.

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  Animal Crossing Perspective Umbrella Custom Designs

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  Fans have already shown off a variety of neat umbrella perspective designs including cats in boxes, fruit crates, and even a Nintendo GameCube design as featured on Animal Crossing World’s website. As these ideas spread, more unique umbrella designs are surfacing, and some clever patterns that deserve more of a spotlight have been collected here.





  MA 0687-4578-5842 よりご自由に#マイデザイン#マイデザイン配布#マイデザ配布



  — 英国紳士のラヴクラフト (@l3__3lzzz) March 22, 2021

  When?New Horizons first debuted, there weren’t many options for creating a bar or tavern setting save for the coconut juice DIY; but this didn’t prevent creative players from making custom simple panel designs to imitate shelves full of wine bottles and the like.


  Over time, new items like the sparkling cider and the Shamrock soda were added to celebrate the New Year and St. Patrick’s Day in?New Horizons.?These can be placed to create more of a lounge-like atmosphere. This clever wooden box wine umbrella design makes a perfect addition for this kind of environment.





  (や座布団は別の方のマイデザインをお借りしておりますので、ツリーにメンションさせていただきます。)#harapekoisland #ぽちデザ

  — p o c c h i (@pocchi_acnh) March 23, 2021

  Those aiming for a more rustic feel in?Animal Crossing: New Horizons may want to consider downloading these potato and straw box custom umbrella designs. They work great with brick, wooden, and straw furniture items like the well, barrel, and hay bed.

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  When combined, these New Horizons?items can transform a tropical island into a cozy rural farmland, demonstrating just how innovatively versatile?Animal Crossing?allows players to be.

  Anyone like Rubik’s Cubes? #ACNH #ACNHDesigns #ACNHCode

  — Mayor Mori (@MayorMori) March 22, 2021

  This?Animal Crossing pattern looks neat both as a placed item and as an (originally intended) umbrella that players can carry and twirl around. It’s perfect for puzzle lovers, and one has to wonder if creating the design was as challenging as solving an actual Rubik’s Cube.

  Besides wine, fruits, and cats, players can also download these bloom box umbrella designs to create lovely crates filled with flowers to augment their?New Horizons gardens. Many fans have created floral areas with stalls that hold plant furniture like the mini cactus set and floating-biotope planter, surrounded by more vegetation items like the Yucca or Fan Palm. These bloom boxes would be another great fit for these areas.


  傘のマイデザインで にんじんが食べたいうさぎちゃんができました.?.


  りんごが食べたいくまちゃんも作りたい#あつ森 #あつまれどうぶつの森 #マイデザ #マイデザイン配布 #ACNHDesign #あつ森民と繋がりたい#あつ森マイデザイン#AnimalCrossingNewHorizon

  — . (@chocolate_373) March 23, 2021

  Animal Crossing?has its fair share of rabbit villagers and certain corresponding clothing like the bunny hood and bunny ears that players can wear. Now users can download these carrot crate umbrella designs that feature little bunnies peeking inside for a treat. Here they’re placed with Mom’s tea cozy and homemade cake, both customized to match this aesthetic. This is a nice alternative to?New Horizons’ controversial?Bunny Day items, which has still left some players scarred from the previous year.

  An old school TV set#マイデザイン #マイデザ #マイデザインpro # #ACNHdesign #動物森友會 #あつ森 #ACNH #どうぶつの森

  — mila_crossing (@veramila22) March 23, 2021

  It’s fun to use a modern game to create a retro vibe, which is easy to do when implementing custom designs like this old school TV set. Players can ironically make their very own time capsule room to?reminisce about simpler times via their Nintendo Switch and?Animal Crossing: New Horizons?game. These are just a handful of some of the awesome perspective uses for the new umbrella design feature, and players should keep an eye out for more original ideas as they emerge.


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  Source: Animal Crossing World


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