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[Wario Land 4]Nintendo Surveying If Fans Want Another WarioWare Game

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  A new survey from Nintendo is asking fans if they would pay $49.99 for a new entry in the WarioWare series, as well as other series such as Brain Age.

  By Max Mastro

  Published Jun 12, 2021


  Nintendo Surveying If Fans Want Another WarioWare Game

  A new survey from Nintendo is asking fans if they’re interested in purchasing in a hypothetical new entry in the WarioWare series. WarioWare hasn’t had an entry since WarioWare Gold on the 3DS in 2018, and 2013’s Game & Wario before that.

  WarioWare is a unique spinoff series starring Mario’s nemesis Wario. The gameplay consists of playing a variety of microgames to advance through the levels, which lends the series to a lot of unique forms of gameplay. Entries of the series have been released on systems such as the DS, Wii, Wii U, and 3DS. However, the series has been on a hiatus ever since the release of WarioWare Gold.

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  Nintendo Surveying If Fans Want Another WarioWare Game

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  Last week, Twitter user Beta64 posted a pic of a question he claimed his wife received on an official Nintendo survey. It asks how interested would the user be to purchase an entry in the WarioWare series for $49.99, and there are options of varying degrees to choose from. Another user, Pwhales3 was asked the same question as well as a request to list the series they were a fan of. Nintendo World Report also reported that they were asked if they wanted to see another entry from the Brain Age series.

  That’s a VERY specific question about WarioWare Nintendo

  — Andrew (Beta64) (@Beta64Official) June 2, 2021

  Nintendo just emailed me a survey with this as their main question… Something tells me we might see WarioWare @ #E32021

  — Pwhales (@Pwhales3) June 2, 2021

  However, WarioWare isn’t the only series that the yellow plumber has starred in. Before WarioWare, Wario starred in his own platformer games known as the Wario Land series. Wario Land hasn’t had an entry since 2008’s Wario Land: Shake It on the Wii, and though the series is relatively niche for Mario standards, it has a dedicated following. There’s an appeal to both the fast-paced microgames in WarioWare as well as the treasure hunting platforming that Wario Land provides. Both series has been absent for some time, but Wario Land has been absent for significantly longer.


  While these surveys are far from a confirmation that these series will be receiving new installments, they are at the very least an indication of Nintendo seeing if there’s any type of demand for these series. There is the possibility that if there’s enough demand for series like WarioWare and Brain Age, it could inspire a new entry to be made in either of those series. Just asking if there’s demand at all is a good way to get the opinions of the Nintendo fanbase, that way they can be communicated to help improve future products. It’s a nice way of encouraging customer communication to Nintendo, so if fans want to be able to state that they want WarioWare to return in the near future, this survey is an ample opportunity for that.


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  Source: Beta64/Twitter, Pwhales3/Twitter, Nintendo World Report



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