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[Pokémon GO]Pokemon GO: Best Moveset for Emboar (July 2021) | Game Rant

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  Pokemon GO players that want to maximize the power of their Emboars can find information on its best moveset in this short guide.

  By William Parks

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  Pokemon GO’s Tepig Community Day has arrived, and that means that many players will be evolving the Unova starter over the next several hours. Ultimately, these fans will be transforming the Pokemon into Emboar, and indeed there are a variety of moves that it can learn. For those players that are curious about the absolute best moveset for their Emboars in?Pokemon GO, this guide will provide full details on the matter.

  Before getting into the specifics of Emboar’s moveset, it is worth noting that this Fire/Fighting-type Pokemon is not particularly powerful in PVE or PVP. As such, fans should not expect to see amazing results with their Emboars, even if it is equipped with the?very best?moves. Still, players that want to maximize the potential of the Pokemon should put some time toward obtaining one that has the attacks that are recommended below.

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  With that established, the ideal moveset for Emboar in PVE?is Ember as its Fast Move and Blast Burn as its Charge Move.?And for PVP, it is advisable for players to run a combination of Ember, Rock Slide, and Blast Burn. Notably, fans that wish to obtain an Emboar with Blast Burn must either evolve a Pignite during?Pokemon GO’s Tepig Community Day or use an Elite TM, which will prevent some players from getting a perfect version of this Gen 5 Pokemon straightaway.

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  If a?PoGO?player does not have the ability to equip their Emboar with Blast Burn, due to the aforementioned requirements, there are a couple of alternatives to consider. More specifically, coupling Flame Charge with either Low Kick or Ember can be a suitable configuration in PVE, and?fans can try out Ember with Rock Slide and Flame Charge in PVP if need be. While these Emboar movesets are quite a bit weaker than those that incorporate Blast Burn, they are better than the other options that are available.


  One final thing to say about Emboar’s attacks is that Heat Wave is unequivocally the worst of the bunch. This is the case in both PVE and PVP, and players really should not use this?Pokemon GO Charge Move in any situation as a result. Indeed, if a fan only has an Emboar with Heat Wave at their disposal, then they would be well-served to leave it on the bench and enlist the services of a Pokemon that is equipped with more powerful attacks.

  Pokemon GO?is available on Android and iOS.

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