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[Funimation Re Zero]Raytheon Zero game this evaluation: Enjoy the electrical competitive high-brush experience anytime, anywhere | Titanium

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  Thunder Zero gamebook

  In recent years, the thermal energy in the game’s electrical industry has continued to rise.last month,RNG successfully mounted the MSI’s championship,The increasingly mature electricity industry route,Also let the gods around the game began to get involved in the electrical industry.As the electricity is crashing,It is also the continuous chase of the mainstream player for the game experience.A 2K resolution / 144Hz refresh rate display product, a “high match” 2K resolution / 144Hz refresh rate display products,Nowadays, it has become mainstream products in the entire industry.

  at the same time,In daily display products,Hardware with high refresh rate display capabilities is also increasing,Smartphone from 120 Hz, smart TV,Again to notebook products,It seems that the high refresh rate is swept the global display industry.As a “gamebook” that has been in a non-note-based domain performance tip, it will not fall.

  May,Raytheon released the Zero series of games,With a new design language and 2K high refresh rate screen,Let the past can only experience the electricity game experience in the home, netfa can experience.Become a “big killing” that can be carried with you, at any time.

  The RGB lamp covers the whole body,Colorful color matching is more attractive


  Orange color

  Titanium Media I got this time Zero is a top with orange version.From the appearance, you can see it with a completely different design with traditional game book.The orange elements have been added in a plurality of details on the A side and the fuselage.As a game, this product is concerned.More fashionable,I believe this processing method will win a lot of young users who pursue personality.


  A Lei Shen Logo

  Simultaneously,The front of the fuselage does not use the current popular hidden logo design,Instead, the Logo logo of Raytheon game this family,The biggest change comes from “Zero” and the joining of striped decoration.I believe that many people see such stripes will think of the common painting style on the sports car.Make a more dynamic in the orange body.


  RGB lighting

  At the bottom of the fuselage, it is a huge huge wind,Only, Thunder God made more decorations for the flagship products.The two-circle LED will surround the wind,When it is lit, the whole machine has a cool super run.


  Interface design

  In addition to comparative cool design,Thunder Zero’s interface design is also more interesting.Traditional notebooks are usually designed on both sides of the fuselage.And this product is designed with an interface in left, right, and then three sides.In addition to enriching the configuration,The power supply, network cable is designed on the back, and the video output interface minimizes interference to the player’s operation when playing games.


  Side interface

  Specific configuration,Thunder Zero has 3 USB3.1 Gen1 Type-a, 1 USB3.1 Gen2 Type-C (support lightning 4 / DP 1.3), the RJ45 network cable interface, 3.5mm two-in-one audio interface and power interface.The video output has a MINI DP 1.4 Interface and an HDMI 2.0 interface,Whether it is a single game or as content productivity,Such interface configuration is all energy,The configured full-featured Type-C interface can even use it as a VR host.


  Keyboard backlight

  Corresponding to the rich interface is the keyboard area designed for gamers.Thunder Zero uses RGB backlight keyboard,The number keypad on the right can also better match the operation of a part of the game (such as GTA5).However, the overall keyboard brightness is relatively low.Even if it is adjusted to the highest,Under the daily indoor light,The RGB light is not obvious,It is easier to see the overall effect of the light from the side of the keyboard.


  Power button

  Some button design of the keyboard also followed the original design idea of Raytheon game this product.For example, the top with the power button with LOGO is very identified.


  Fan mode switch button

  As a game this product,Thunder God also enhances the experience priority of the game scene,Traditional notebook products The upper right corner of the keyboard is the power button.Raytheon ZERO designs the fan’s mode adjustment button.For severe game scenes,Raytheon Zero is equipped with a key and cool function,At this time, the heat dissipation fan will run at full speed.Ensure that the CPU / graphics card has sufficient frequency improvement space,It also avoids the reduction inverting problem due to touch power wall.


  Screen information

  Raytheon Zero is equipped with a 16-inch / 2k resolution / 165Hz refresh rate electrical stand,Although these values are placed on the PC display, it is not amazing.But as a mobile product,It is very difficult to get the game experience of the electrical level at any time.Especially in FPS and MOBA games,For senior players with high segment, the professional players are concerned,”Mobile” finally became possible.

  Performance measurement: 3A masterpiece,Online game with an electrical competitive experience


  CPU and graphics information

  The Tie Shen Zero, which was taken by the titanium medium, used the eleventh, Intel Core i7-11800H processor + Yingda RTX 3080 Laptop graphics card combination.The former has the top specifications of 8 cores / 16 threads.The latter is the strongest graphics product of the mobile terminal.It has 16GB GDDR6 deposited specifications and 150W overcompass power consumption.


  Hard disk read and write delivery test

  Raytheon Zero’s memory and storage matching these super core hardware also selected top hardware,For example, the hard disk uses PCIe 4.0 NVME SSD,And two m.2 interfaces are directly connected to the CPU,Instead, other products are expanded through the motherboard. With 32GB dual channel DDR4 3200MHz high frequency memory,You can keep the game maintain high frame rate,Do the fastest load speed.


  PC Mark10 and Lu Master score

  Theoretical performance test link,The performance of the whole machine chosen Lu Master and PCMark 10 as a test software.Among them, the Master Lu’s machine has reached 164 million.And it can be seen from the integral score.It is a very balanced five-sided composition.Note Each hardware of the whole machine is top level.PC Mark10 finally scored 6889 points,Whether it is daily software, productivity or digital content creation,They are the highest level in mobile products.


  3DMark test

  Next is a special test,I believe everyone is the most concerned about the graphics card performance of this top game this product.As the RTX3080 of the mobile flagship,In the 3Dmark Timespy scene, Zero scored 11170,The FSE test score is 14136,From the score, it is about 15% more than the upper generation RTX 2080 Super Mobile version (150W power version).


  Light chasing with DLSS test

  of course,Another major advancement of the RTX30 series is more comprehensive for light chasing technology.At the same time, DLSS technology is also upgraded again.Tests for light chasing and DLSS performance are also added in the latest version of 3DMark.Thunder Zero Port Royal Link Test Score is 7121,After the technology is turned on in DLSS test,The frame rate is from 33.7fps upgraded to 77.83fps,The smooth running 2K resolution is not a problem.


  Saibon Depese 2077 Test

  Game measurement session,The first choice of quality is still the most configured 3A masterpiece “Sai Bo Depel 2077”,Default high quality and open the light,Choose roaming in the city center staff, vehicles, and architectures.It can be seen that the average frame rate has reached nearly 50fps.Only the frame rate of 39fps will appear shortly when it is short-lived.Even in the most complex scene, the picture is relatively smooth.


  3A level masterpiece test

  In addition,Titanium media also tested “F1 2020” “Wild Darts: Redemption 2” “Comprehensive War: Three Kingdoms” 3 single machine masterpiece,In addition to the wilderness of the wilderness, it is full of high quality.In addition, two models are running with the highest quality.It can be seen that the high-graphic quality of 3A is completely no problem with Raytheon Zero.


  League of Legends game test

  Online games have been tested “League of Legends”.In the smart fan mode,The frame rate fluctuates between 227 ~ 240fps.For this 165Hz high refresh rate screen,It can support its electrical level experience.



  In terms of heat dissipation,This Raytheon uses a wind tunnel pro heat dissipation architecture 2.0,In addition to the airway, fins, fans are upgraded,A heat pipe is also added to the high temperature of GDDR6.After 17 minutes of Furmark Overn,The final graphics temperature is stable at 84 ° C,There is also a big margin from the temperature wall,It is because so that the core can be stabilized at a frequency of 1350 MHz.The memory can also maintain a frequency of 7000 MHz.


  Temperature test

  Reaction to the temperature performance during the actual use,The air outlet in the test can capture the high temperature of 80 ° C,At this time, the temperature of the keyboard area is only around 40 ° C.There will be no feeling of hot hands at all.

  to sum up

  Test results from all aspects of Raytheon Zero,It is not difficult to see the positioning of its own flagship.Whether it is design, performance performance or supporting hardware,It has done the ultimate level in this product.For a grade player,It is a game host that can play the highest image quality 3A, anytime, anywhere.For energists,This is a “hand weapon” that can move, at any time.(This article is the first titanium media app)