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Fortnite’s upcoming alien-themed season is quickly approaching, and fans wonder when the story trailer for season 7 will premiere.

By Greysun Morales

Published 12 hours ago


fortnite season 7 alien teaser twitter

Fortnite fans are preparing for the launch of the next season for the popular Battle Royale game. Season 7 kicks off tomorrow, on June 8th, and thanks to all of the teases from Epic Games, many players know that the theme is definitely going to be themed around aliens, and there’s even speculation that some iconic “alien” superheroes, like Superman, will be popping up in the game as well.

If fans weren’t already excited for Chapter 2, Season 7 to start, Epic Games has released a live countdown on the Fortnite YouTube channel. It is set to premiere the next big story trailer for Season 7, which will, of course, show off the theme for the season and most likely other surprises that fans may not have been expecting.

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fortnite season 7 alien teaser twitter

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The story trailer for Fortnite Season 7 will start at 12 AM PT on June 8th, and, most likely, the season will start soon after that. There’s no confirmation on how long the trailer will be, but it should only be a few minutes long if it’s anything like the cinematic trailer for Season 6. It’s also worth noting that the video will be available to watch later, so people don’t have to tune in to the live stream unless they really want to.

Here’s a list of the different premiere dates based on a few time zones:

12 AM June 8 PT1 AM June 8th MT2 AM June 8th CT3 AM June 8th ET7 AM June 8th GMT


Mant Fortnite fans have been wondering these past few days if there’s even going to be a live event this time around to kick off the new season, as Epic tends to do for the Battle Royale game. Epic has yet to announce any sort of live event for season 7, leading people to believe that there won’t be a live event this time at all. The story trailer will premiere tomorrow morning, and the new season will start soon after that, allowing folks to jump in and see what changes have been made to Fortnite and its ever-changing map.

Even though Epic Games hasn’t confirmed the existence of a live event, things could change. The company could announce an event later today to hype up the launch of the new season, so fans will just have to wait and see what happens in the next couple of hours or so.


Fortnite is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The mobile version is currently removed from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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