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2021-06-21 19:31 Tag:

Cyberpunk 2077 and Witcher 3 stolen source code leaked online

You might remember that CD Projekt Red got hacked and that the source code for their software was offered for sale online. The data stolen from CD Projekt Red , has begun to leak on the internet, while everyone assumed that this would not happen.

In February this year, the story of CD Projekt’s plight was believed to have reached some conclusion, when it was reported that someone had bought the stolen data at a Deep Web auction, where the leaked data was sold and to was stated they wouldn’t share the data later. Now it seems that this data has returned, only those who distribute it are not asking for a big ransom this time.

According to Data Breaches , a group of hackers decided to use the data from CD Projekt to promote the launch of their new website. The idea of the group is to make all the files publicly available and organize a fundraiser in which users who donate ($ 10,000) would receive passwords to purchase the different files to do whatever they wanted.

The group claims they have access to source code for Thronebreaker, The Witcher 3, The Witcher 3 RTX (next gen), and Cyberpunk 2077. To prove that they are serious, the group has already leaked the SDK for PS4, PS5, Xbox and Switch, no password required.

Interestingly, the note that hackers left along with this announcement said that some of the other more sensitive data, such as company reports, NDAs, HR documents, and so on, will “be shared with the media” but will not be leaked. At least publicly.