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[We Love Katamari]KATAMARI DAMACY REROLL Review: For Those Of Us Who Missed Out The First Time Around

2021-07-31 22:22 Tag:

  Katamari Damacy Reroll is one of the most unique games I’ve ever played. Most of the gameplay is tedious and monotonous but luckily, that’s part of what makes the game so amazingly fun. You play as the Prince and are tasked with creating these new stars. The way to make said stars is to roll your magic ball called a “Katamari” and pick up everything you can in the given amount of time that the King allows you. You’ll start off small and as you start to accumulate more objects, your Katamari will grow bigger thus allowing you to pick up bigger objects as you move along.

  Now, it’s extremely important to talk about the interesting set of controls that this game implements to make the gameplay just a little more difficult. To move the Prince around with the Katamari is a lot easier said than done. Most of the time you’ll be moving him around the areas of these massive levels by pushing both thumbsticks in the same direction. Moving one thumbstick will move him around the ball and you can rev him up to speed off quickly if you move the thumbsticks back and forth very vigorously.

  Levels throughout this title are extremely immersive in how small they can make you feel. Most times you’ll feel like you’re in a Toy Story game as you roll the Katamari past mice and chewing gum then up a take-out menu to a night-table. It’s actually pretty amazing how much detail has been put into each location. The levels will feel completely different depending on how large your Katamari is at the start. Sometimes it’s small and other times it isn’t. Eventually, you go from it being the size of a bug up to the size of the moon.

  One of the coolest things that I learned in playing further is that there are a ton of awesome little areas that are hidden throughout the maps. You may not see them in certain playthroughs depending on how big you are but they’re extremely pleasing to find when you finally discover them. Other things you’ll want to look for around these levels are the presents that the King has spread out for the Prince to find. These all offer different cosmetic options for him and they’re pretty cool looking.

  Besides the main stars that you’ll create to disperse throughout the solar system, you can help create the constellations too. These will send you back to the levels but now have a new little spin. You’ll have to roll the Katamari around picking up as many of the items that match the constellation’s sign, as quickly as possible. It helps to add some more variety to the gameplay and this at times can be even more stressful than the actual main game levels.