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[dlq33]Call of Duty Mobile get another Limited-Time game mode

2021-07-24 20:15 Tag:

  Activision has already announced the entire December timeline for the challenged and upcoming events for Call of Duty Mobile. Following the schedule, the new Limited Time Mode called Sniper Only is now live. The mode can be found in the Featured section under the Multiplayer mode and in this mode, players will only get sniper rifles as the weapon option.

  In Sniper Mode, players will only get two Sniper rifles to choose from in the loadout — DLQ33 Deep Shark and Arctic.50 Red Triangle. Both the rifles will be pre-configured with scope, and other attachments. However, players can manually choose any of them before the match starts from the Loadout.

  The DLQ33 offers have range and damage rating of 100 and it offers accuracy of 66 and has the mobility rating of 15. In comparison to that, the Arcitic.50 offers relatively better mobility at 30 compared to DLQ33, but it provides slightly fewer damage ratings from DLQ33.

  The game will be played in the timed mode (Team Deathmatch) in which two teams with up to five players in each group will pit against each other and players will have to reach to the kill score limit of 40 before the other team to win.

  If you are not aware of the complete December timeline for the game, check them out.

  December 20 – 31: Prop Hunt Mode & Challenge

  December 20- 26: Hardpoint Mode & Challenge

  December 20- 29: New BR Class Event – Trickster

  December 20- January 2: Holiday Draw

  December 21 onwards: Winter Raid Map released (MP)

  December 23- 31: Holiday Spree (All Modes)

  December 23 – 29: Zombies party at the Circus (BR)

  December 27- January 2: Snipers Only Mode & Challenge

  January 1 onwards: Prop Hunt Mode Pt. 2 & Challenge

  January 2- January 12: New Scorestreak Event: MQ-27 Dragonfire

  January 3 – January 9: Gun Game Mode & Challenge