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[Ludo King]Best traditional Indian tabletop games

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  Both adults and kids are fond of tabletop games like ludo, monopoly, chess and others. Indians have historically played such games that challenge their wit. These games do not need a large playground and are a good source of fun for families. If you are looking to buy traditional Indian tabletop games, here are the best options available on Amazon.

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  Kitki Samrat Board Games for Adults and Kids Based On Real Indian History

  ” alt=”Best traditional Indian tabletop games”>The Kitki Samrat is a war strategy game based on Indian history in which each player takes the role of a king. It comes with a board that depicts the historical map of various kingdoms and the players need to do some activities that the kings originally performed. The game is easy to learn as it comes with a fully illustrated rules book. The Kitki Samrat game allows users to know about Indian history with experiential learning.

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  Ancient Living Puli Meka Board Game

  ” alt=”Best traditional Indian tabletop games”>The Ancient Living Puli Meka is a board game based on strategy and logics. It is played by two players that go on hunts. It is a battle for supremacy between the hunter and the hunted. A player is assigned three tigers, and the other is assigned 15 goats to showcase their strategic abilities. The Puli Meka board is a suitable option for gifting and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

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  Indian Cross and Circle Board Game

  ” alt=”Best traditional Indian tabletop games”>The Indian Cross and Circle is considered being one of the oldest games in the world. It is the traditional version of ludo. The game is known as Chaupar, Chopat, Pachisi, Dayakattam, Pagdi pat across India. It is played with pawns each by four players. It is based on rolling of the dice. The Indian Cross and Circle game comes in a tin packaging that offers easy storage and durability of the board game.

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  Pytho Ludo and Snake Ladder 2 in 1 Board

  ” alt=”Best traditional Indian tabletop games”>The Pytho Ludo and Snake Ladder comes with a magnetic board that helps you play outdoor or while travelling without losing any pieces. It is a two in one game, meaning you can choose to play either ludo or snake ladder. It is a wooden game set with the pieces made of wood, giving it a traditional look. The Pytho Ludo and Snake Ladder are strategy games based on the roll of a dice.

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  Simple Days Nine Men’s Morris Indian Traditional Board Game

  ” alt=”Best traditional Indian tabletop games”>The Simple Days Nine Men’s Morris board game is an alignment game played by two players. Each player gets nine pawns with an objective to make ‘mills’; vertical or horizontal lines of of three colours of the same colour. It comes with one handmade cotton fabric board, 18pcs of pawns and an instruction manual. The Nine Men’s Morris is an enjoyable game and is recommended for both kids and adults.

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  Ratna’s Business Game

  ” alt=”Best traditional Indian tabletop games”>The Ratna’s business game helps young children learn the basics of trading and business. It is a fun-filled game with an objective to learn buying and selling skills. It is a great game that helps kids understand assets and liabilities. The game can be enjoyed by both adults and kids alike. The Ratna’s business game helps children learn problem solving and develop essential trading skills.